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Specializing in South Florida landscaping design and installation since 1991!

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Congrats to us!

 Remodeling and Home Design Houzz Award - 2018 Remodeling and Home Design Houzz Award - 2017 Remodeling and Home Design Houzz Award - 2016 Remodeling and Home Design Houzz Award - 2016

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More exciting news...

We are proud to formally announce our long standing partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida: That's right, it is called Chickee not Tiki in the Mikasuki language!

We are always putting new pictures and features up. Be sure to read our customer reviews, after that, please take a look at Chickee Construction, our "before & after" pics in Under Construction. Also, see exciting and exotic pergolas, and stonescapes! Other updates: waterfalls, outdoor lighting, sanctuary landscapes, chickee-huts & don't miss - outdoor kitchens!

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Bamboo Landscapes & Services Inc.

Specializing in design and installation of creative environments since 1991. We have brought design and beautification to the former swampland known as South Florida. We provide far more than just landscaping, and bamboo, we also specialize in chickee huts of all sizes, waterfalls, dramatic or functional lighting, full outdoor kitchens, and many other kinds of exotic and personalized landscaping throughout South Florida.

Our showroom is located in Davie, central Broward County - about 10 minutes away from Weston, FL. We serve all areas of South-Eastern Florida, from Miami-Dade to North Palm Beach.

See how much changed when the Salaverri residence got some Bamboo loving!

Unique. Exotic. Personal.

  • Reflect your lifestyle and taste. Cookie Cutter? Not us. If you are looking for a home that blends in with every other home in your community, we're not for you. Our landcapes are catered to customize and maximize each home. Whether you are seeking to create a grand presentation or a private sanctuary, we can build it for you.

  • Customized for each home. With our extensive nursery, and years of experience in the area, we know how to marry both form and function to make your fantasy, your reality. Schedule a visit to our showroom and get inspired!

Can you hear the wind in the palm trees? We can.

The finer touches of complete landscaping

Water Scapes: From waterfalls to fountains - we have a wealth of experience creating water features of all sizes.

Sanctuary: Serenity gardens, ponds, pathways - we invite you to experience the creativity and quality of our work in every one of our artscapes.

Outdoor Kitches: Outdoor dining has evolved far past the simple grill. Let us create an extraordinary outdoor kitchen design that fully fits your outdoor lifestyle.

Lighting: Whether you want something dramatic, or need something functional. We can illuminate your property and make it shine!

Chickee Huts: Nothing invites a cool island breeze like a magical chickee hut.

The Little Things

  • Rules and Regulations: Every city, town and HOA has their own rules, let us know what works for you and your area, and we will be sure make it a tropical paradise, no matter what limitations you give us.

  • The Music: If you don't find the sounds to be soothing, just click the "play/pause" button on the top right to put the experience behind you.

Click to see before & after of what some Bamboo Lovin' can do for you!