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Specializing in design and installation of creative environments since 1991!

What's New:

Its always sunny in Florida!

We are proud to formally announce our long standing partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and point you to the website at: ronnieschickeehuts.com. That's right - it is called Chickee not Tiki in the Mikasuki language!

In addition to that, we are always putting new pictures and features up. The newest editon to the website are our Fire Pits & Pavers, Koi Ponds, and Tiki Construction Photos. Also, be sure to take a look at our "before & after" pictures in the Under Construction section. Also, see exciting and exotic pergolas, and stonescapes! Plus, sites being developed. New updates to several porfolios: waterfalls, outdoor lighting, private sanctuary landscapes, tiki-huts & the hottest addition to the outdoor lifestyle - kitchens.


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Mark Dodds
"The Head Bamboo"

Landscaping, Bamboo, Waterfalls, Tiki Huts & More


About Us

In the Beginning:

There was the shovel and it was good.

Then came the tractor and it was better!

Since 1991 we've grown and grown. Visit our showroom and see just some of what we can do for you.

Unique. Exotic. Personal.

Cookie Cutter? Not us. If you are looking for a home that blends in with every other home in your community, we're not for you. Our landcapes are catered to customize and maximize each home. Whether you are seeking a grand presentation or a private sanctuary, we can build it for you. With our extensive nursery and years of experience in the area, we know how to marry both form and function to make your fantasy, your reality. Visit our showroom and get inspired.

Team Bio:

personel bio pic

Mark Dodds - aka. "The Big Bamboo"

Normally, this is the person everyone fears the most, and talks to the least. But the fact is Mark is one of those big lumbering cuddly artistic types.

Mark is a Canadian transplant who's been in South Florida working hard at making it beautiful and sharing all the joy and serenity he can.

personel bio pic

Anat Dodds - aka. "The Brains & Beauty"

Mark might be the one with dirt on his work boots, but it's been suspected that he's putting it there intentionally. It's obvious as soon as you meet her, that it is Anat who keeps Mark's pretty face smiling by actually handling the hard stuff.

So while Mark will quickly convince folks he knows what's going on, once they meet Anat, it's clear who the brains of the operation is.

personel bio pic

Brad Cartwright - aka. "The Love Child"

After finding out he was just too pretty for manual labor on the chain gang, Brad took his friendship with the Big Bamboos to the next level and joined the staff. His knowledge of South Florida and an eye for landscape design makes him a perfect fit for the team.

Plus, some of the guys told us he's an excellent cuddler and he usually smells nice.

personel bio pic

David Dodds - aka. "Little Bamboo"

David is our official "Tree division Arborist" - and has all the ability of his father to pretend to put in some hard work, plus he's has his mother's smarts, so he does an even better job of hiding it!

personel bio pic

The Team

These are the folks who really pour out their sweat and tears to get the job done to perfection. They are the folks up before the sun, and trying to beat the Florida heat, day in and day out.

They even bring the dirt that makes Mark's boots look so totally awesome and "worky."